With our experienced staff in development and quality assurance, we can guarantee that all products are of the highest quality for European standards with a “made in Germany” stamp of approval. All incoming raw materials, as well as produced powders mixtures, are individually tested for the continuously quality that we promise our customers. As an ISO certified manufacturing facility we can assure that your products are of European Union standards.

From the idea to a product



First contact



Research & Development



Individual Pricing






Production & Quality System



It all starts with an idea, your idea! Bringing your product idea to a reality is as easy as the steps listed above. The first contact will be with our sales representatives who will help pull together the information needed for your individualized products. This then moved into our Research and Development department, where our qualified staff create a customized formulation for your product. Once we have found the right product for you we will send individualized pricings based upon your formulation, packaging, labeling etc. Once we receive the “green light” we can move into production of your powders or capsules, which also pass through our quality system. With these strict standards we can promise the freshest products and the upmost quality for your finished products. With worldwide shipping we can easily arrange your delivery with our in-house shipping company offering prices 1 to 1.


Manufacturing of private label products is our daily bread. Work with our highly trained staff to create the products that you are looking for. From whey protein isolate and concentrates, vegan and vegetarian proteins, to unique formulations of Booster or BCAA’s, we can do it all. A strong background in innovation and development help us stand out as a manufacturer in the health and sports industry.


Whether it’s a diet drink, customized formulation for capsules or a mixture of vitamins and minerals, we provide a wide range of products for pharmacies throughout Germany and on the European market. With a continuously expanding stock of raw materials we are able to manufacture your customized products.
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