We have employed food technicians who are always up to date with the latest legal requirements regarding specifications and declarations. Of course, you will receive a specification for each product, based on which you can declare your product.

In the development of our private label products, we pay attention to food technology, nutritional physiology and food law regulations; if necessary, drug law aspects are also considered. If we find that your recipe ideas could be critical, we will advise you accordingly.

Three times "YES"! We are BIO certified and meet the requirements for gluten-free and vegan productions.

We check every incoming goods for your security and as part of our certifications. With our modern laboratory, we can of course also analyze raw materials.

With us you will be looked after individually. You have a responsible contact in the sales team as well as "your" product developer. Our complete processing team is at your disposal for all matters relating to order processing and shipping.

We store your can and bag labels, full body sleeves, printed bags or outer cartons, individual neck sleeves, lids or measuring spoons as if these materials belonged to us. This means that we check the delivery for quantity and - as far as possible - for quality, assign internal article numbers, log the materials into our inventory, manage and store them carefully. By recording it in our internal storage system, we can give you information about the stocks at any time and you will receive a message from us if you should reorder packaging material.

We always have an immense selection of blank cans and bags in stock.

However, if your desired packaging is not included, we will procure your desired packaging under certain conditions, which we would be happy to discuss with you.

We normally use tested and qualified raw materials from our portfolio of approx. 3000 raw materials. If you need a special raw material for which it makes sense to provide all the quality documents must be made available. Of course, under certain conditions, which we would be happy to discuss with you, we procure your very special raw materials for you.

Our minimum order quantity per type and taste is 300 kg. Under special conditions, we can act flexibly here - talk to us about your personal options and ideas!

As a guideline, you can count on 50.000 capsules per variety. There may be deviations depending on the raw material and under special conditions we can also act flexibly here - talk to us about your personal options and ideas!

We do not have fixed price lists because we create individual offers for each customer.

If you have become our customer and have received prices from us, these are usually valid for a quarter. We think it's fair if we pass on the raw material prices that change every quarter to our customers.